Dense Castable

We provide optimum Refractory Castables that are commonly used for hot face and back up linings. Our High Alumina Refractory Castables are highly appreciated for low thermal conductivity and low density that assists in conserving heat energy.

Low concentration of iron in our Insulating Refractory Castables makes them perfect for various industries. WE offer Insulating Refractory Castables at very affordable prices within the specified time frame. We have carved a niche as one of the moving ahead Insulating Refractory Castables manufacturers and Suppliers based in India.

We provide Refractory Castables which are manufactured using aluminous cement and specific refractory aggregates. These Castables have excellent erosion and abrasion resistance & high refractoriness. Our offered Castables can be casted into any size and shape, and is appropriate for quick repair and monolithic lining in industrial furnaces, rotary kiln linings, etc

Refractory mortar should be used for construction of fireplaces, chimneys, smoke chambers, bread ovens, pizza ovens, boilers, incinerators, crematoriums, kilns and other applications where masonry joints encounter high temperatures. Building codes require refractory mortar when installing fire brick or clay flue linings. High temperature castable materials are used to create various shapes, filling cavities or any other application requiring refractory materials.

We are renowned as expert Castables manufacturers in India, offering different types of Castables like insulating Castables, Dense Castables, etc.

Refractory Mortar & Castable