​Minerals from Our Mines

​​We are one of the largest privately owned Feldspar and Quartz manufacturer and exporter in India. We have our own mining base which has huge tons of high quality Feldspar and Quartz mineral reserve. We have our own grinding and flotation facilities available. We are continuously producing and exporting Feldspar and Quartz to the ceramic, glass, chemical, paint and other industrial sectors globally.

Our Products

Lakshmi TradeSoft Pvt. Ltd., is a Jaipur (India) based company majorly into manufacturing of Ramming Mass, Fire bricks , Bottom Pouring Sets, High Alumina Bricks, Insulation Bricks, Refractory Mortars and all other types of Refractory products. We are merchant exporter of Acid Resistance Bricks, Castable, C.I. Moulds, Rolls, Lab items, Refractory beds for Induction Furnace and Rolling Mill. 

We have got our esteemed clientele spread over  East Africa, Central Africa, Middle East, and different parts of Arab countries

​​Welcome to  Lakshmi TradeSoft Pvt. Ltd.

We offer Refractory Mortars which are generally used in conjunction with laying standard refractory bricks.

We are manufacturers of all type of Refractory Bricks of various shapes and compositions for different industrial applications.

Refractory Bricks

We are manufacturers of Silica Ramming Mass (Post Mix & Pre Mix) used in lining of Induction Furnaces. 

Refractory Mortar & Castable

Ramming Mass

Our Cherished Clients& Global Export Venture

We are majorly catering Steel industries, Cement industries, Oil & Gas industries, Textile industries, and Glass industries while majorly exporting to East & West Africa, Central Africa, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia & other prominent global locations.