Specifications of Silica / Acidic Ramming Mass

  • Silica Di Oxide - 99%
  • Aluminum Oxide - 0.05 %
  • Iron Oxide - Traces
  • Softening Point - 1280 Degree C
  • Porosity - 50 Compression Strength - 350 Kg/cubic cm Bulk Density -2.0 TO 2.5 Kg/cubic cm
  • PCE Value - ASTM NO. 31-32.

Silica Ramming Mass

We are an expert manufacturer of Silica/Acidic Ramming Mass, which is utilized in lining of induction furnaces. The Acidic Ramming Mass is used in high and medium frequency induction furnaces to melt non-ferrous alloys, graded cast iron, alloy cast iron, alloy steel, and plain carbon steel. Our Acidic Ramming Mass gives completely satisfactory output for super melting of metal, up to 1700 degree. The Acidic Ramming Mass has higher purity and resistant to bear, proper inspection is exercised over magnetic process for obtaining free acidic ramming mass with suitable composition of mesh size and bulk density as per furnaces capacity.  

Lakshmi TradeSoft Pvt. Ltd. has contemporary manufacturing plant for ramming mass, operated and managed by qualified technologists. They have huge knowledge and experience of refractory & it’s behavior, mixing of several mesh sizes of quartz is done in exact proportion appropriate for small, medium and large sizes of induction furnaces viz 250 kg to 50000 kg(50 tons) capacities to attain best optimum bulk density.

Pre-Mixed Ramming Mass

We are specialized manufacturer of Premix Ramming Mass which contains binder- Boric Acid 1.2 to 1.5 %, mixed with ramming mass. We recommend using our ramming mass, which will prove to be a good performer with its long lining life reducing cost of production. On client's demand we also manufacture Premixed Ramming Mass with Binder as Diboron Trioxide (B2O3).

Premixed gives the following benefits to the user:

  • ​Homogenous mixing through motorized mixture
  • ​Less wastage, as mixing is done by machines
  • ​Proper mixing of binder leading to optimum mixture
  • ​Consistent and longer lining and patching life
  • ​Best quality Binders are used to give best results

          Features of Silica / Acidic Ramming Mass

  • Ability of carrying a substantial load (50 LB per sq inch) to within a few degree of its cone fusion point, viz.1710 to 1730 degree centigrade.
  • A high resistance to attack by the principal steel furnace fluxes viz. iron oxide and lime.
  • A higher thermal shock resistance in the temp range 600 to 1700 degree.
  • Freedom from shrinkage at temp up to the melting point. 
  • Above all the cost of Silica/Acidic ramming mass is just 1/6th of basic lining material.
  • Acidic Ramming Mass lining can be used in all type of plain carbon, special and alloy steel except in case of 12 % Mn steel for which basic lining is used.